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5 Tips For Keeping Dogs Safe This Summer

5 Tips for Dogs Summer

5 Tips for Dogs Summer

Summer is here and a great time to be outdoors with our pets. Heat can be a challenge for our dogs. As the days heat up it is important to be pro-active in taking extra special care of our dogs.

    1. Exercise early or late in the day. Summer is a great time to take our pets outdoors but it can be hard get too hard during the peak hours of the day. Walk them early in the morning or the end of the day when it has cooled down. Make sure to have water with you on extended walks.
    2. Avoid Heatstroke When a dog’s temperature rises dangerously high they can experience heat stroke. This is most common when dogs are left in a car for too long or when they exercise in the heat.Remember, never leave your dog in the car on a hot day. When they are outside make sure they have access to shade. Keep Them Cool Inside If the house is too warm for you, it is too warm for our dogs. Leave the air on if you will be gone for several hours.
    3. Keep Them Hydrated It is important dogs get plenty of fresh, cold water on hot days. Bring water with you on walks and in the car. Add a couple of ice cubes to the water through out the day.
    4. Protect Their Paws Avoid walking your dogs on hot sidewalks. They temperatures can climb quite high and burn their foot pads.
    5. Sunburn Did you know that dogs can get sunburned too? Especially white, light-colored dogs. To prevent sunburn, apply a waterproof sunscreen that has been formulated for babies or pets. Don’t forget the tips of your dogs ears and nose.

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We want to hear from you – what is your best tip for keeping your dog safe this summer. Leave a comment below!

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