Minkie Binkies

You will be green with envy when your furbaby’s designer dog blankets arrive at your home.  Buttery soft, in an array of faux fur prints and colors, our dog blankets are hand crafted in the USA.  Available for cuddling in 5 sizes in on-trend Leopard, cheetah, and signature prints as well as butter soft Bella solids in pink , red, black and caramel. Our tiniest size is perfect for your doggie’s carrier and small and medium sizes are a great addition to a bed or draped across a car seat.  But don’t be envious, we have a matching home furnishing’s blanket available in your size too!

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Minkie Binkies

Dog blankets are a dogs best friend 24/7.  Your pet will go crazy for our dog blankets made of buttery soft faux fur.  They come in a variety of colors and designer prints. We have such a wide selection that they will match well with your home especially our luxurious bella crushed furs in charcoal, caramel or taupe. Or consider our popular leopard print that comes in frosted snow leopard, cheetah and a lucious dark brown leopard blanket.  Girly girls will love our luscious blankets in fashionable blush, baby pink, or hot pink.  One of our pink blankets even has embroidered roses for your sweet furbaby! These blankets come in small which is perfect for any small dog 5-15 lbs, medium which is for a midsized 15-30 lbs and large for 30-50+ lbs.

And purchase a carrier square blanket for your small dog to add to your pets carrier to make it super cozy and luxurious for them.  Team up our new red croc Kate carrier bag with a red bella carrier square-the ultimate in pet luxury! No matter where they go, they always need a soft blanket.  Ziggy and Gigi on our Dog Squad team, sleep with dog blankets all around them and bunch one up as a pillow.  We will warn you, once you feel how soft they are you will want one for yourself!  Not to worry, we have a home furnishings collection of blankets for you too.  Choose from a dark brown leopard throw or a softly patterned frosted snow leopard throw  and more!  You will want to throw one of these soft blankets on the back seat of your car for both protection and comfort for your furbaby!

All of our blankets are machine washable in cold water, no heat and no dryer please.  Air fluff for a soft fuzzy blanket just like new.