Sometimes referred to as cuddle cups, these dog cozys are made of either luxury plush or deliciously soft fur and are a 3 in 1 product.

#1 a cozy, #2 a blanket and #3 a double blanket to share!

As an added benefit, our cozies are all reversible.  We also recommend our cozies for inside our ‘Brit Cozy Carrier’.

Lay out as a binkie when your arrive and share, always share, your blanket with a friend!

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Dog cozys or cuddle cups are snuggly faux fur sacks that your fur baby can crawl into and sleep for hours.  If your dog likes soft dog blankets and snuggling all day long, this dog cozy is for you!  Our faux fur bed is made of the plushest (like our artic fox cozy)and softest of furs (like our bella dog cozys) that will make them want to snuggle inside night and day!  We might mention that our dog cozys also have three uses; as a cozy sack, as a blanket laid flat and pulled out as a large blanket to share with a friend.  They are also magnificent liners to our dog cozy carrier.  Pop inside our carrier and when you arrive at your destination, the dog cozys can be pulled out and used as a blanket or bed for sleepovers.  The luxury fur we use comes in lots of colors, prints and weights so shop now for dog cuddle cups that are right for you.