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Teddy’s Organic Garden

Teddy was diagnosed in March with congestive heart failure. As a part of his treatment, we decided to add more veggies to his diet. We started looking into planting a garden. Our plantable yard is small so we also looked into vertical planting, raised beds and hanging plants. Here are our ideas so far:

Teddy is getting ready for our adventure!

First decide what you are going to plant.

pet safe fruit and veggies
Here is a list of safe and off limits fruits and vegetables from the ASPCA

Then decide how you are going to garden.

vertical gardening
Vertical and planter box gardening is very popular right now if you don’ t have a lot of space. This really works for smaller yards


planter beds
If you are planting veggies, I love these wine crates for a shabby chic look

Another great idea for herbs (maybe just for you) is to plant them in antique metal tea canisters:herbs in tea canisters

This is a nifty way to organize your seed packets. Just put them in ziplock baggies with paper inside letting you know when they were purchased and what they are. Or you can purchase 4” starter plants to get going. organize seed packets

This stone markers will keep you organized until things start poping up! It’s a creative and fun project for a Saturday morning:

stone markers

Finally, when things start to grow, let your best friend enjoy the fruits of your labor!asparagus snack

Or not!
poodle and brocolli

Just for fun, you can create veggie sculptures honoring your pal, at your next party!

veggie sculptures 2

Happy Gardening!

Love Teddy and Laurie